Help getting your music seen and promoting your profile

There are many great ways to promote your music on PYRO.

Engaging with the Community

By far the most effective way of promoting your music on PYRO is to engage with the users by commenting on their music, and being extremely active on the site. More people will see your comments, browse to your profile, and check out your music. Don't forget to keep your profile totally up to date, they might even come and check out your show.

Featured Music

We have a team of content maniacs constantly looking for great music to feature, so  good start is to send your music into us for consideration. You can do this by sending to Remember, make sure your music is properly tagged, good artwork, and your profile is fully up to date, otherwise we cannot consider your track for feature.

Download Packs

If you didn't find it already, we have a whole section on the website dedicated to download packs, its called the DL Pool. Every week thousands of DJs use these packs to get their latest fix, so if your track is in there, its likely to get played in the clubs (if its any good of cause). Send your music to our DJ content man

Banners & Paid Promos

We also offer banner promotions of the hottest tracks. You can contact us directly through PYRO DJ Support Wechat to discuss the option banner advertisements. Check out the example below. The cost starts from around 1500 RMB per week, but means you get absolute maximum exposure on PYRO.

Good luck and looking forward to hearing your music!